Monday, 15 August 2011


Lastly, we've decided that we're going to stop being a band as of October. We've chosen two more shows to play until then, one in Sheffield and the other in Margate.
The reason we're only doing these ones is because some of us have work commitments and we would have had to pull out of most of the others we had left anyway.
Thanks to everyone who's ever helped us out or taking an interest in the band. Pat and Tom CTW for putting out our record and helping us be less useless. Like Glue Records for putting out our demo tape in America. Tom Avon for recording us and Ajay for putting us on our first show.  46 Records and everyone in Irish hardcore for supporting us so much.
Broken Teeth, we played nearly all our shows with them and they're the one.
All of our friends for hating us. New projects to hate soon.
Catch you at the shows.


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