Saturday, 5 November 2011

Final blog update

Once again, thanks to everyone who helped up out in any way the past year.
We played our last but one show back in september in Sheffield, put on by Jordan and Lee, which was such a sick show. Here's a video of (the second half of) our set (once our gear/ brains started working)
 We did these shirts:
Then we played our last show in Margate in October. When deciding to break up, it was important to us that CTW Fest be the last show. They put us on the show last year when he had literally just dropped the demo and had only one show under our belts. Without their help we probably wouldn't have done much.
Here's a video of the whole set:
We did these shirts:

 And these tapes:

As the shirt says, WDC FOREVER.

Monday, 15 August 2011


Lastly, we've decided that we're going to stop being a band as of October. We've chosen two more shows to play until then, one in Sheffield and the other in Margate.
The reason we're only doing these ones is because some of us have work commitments and we would have had to pull out of most of the others we had left anyway.
Thanks to everyone who's ever helped us out or taking an interest in the band. Pat and Tom CTW for putting out our record and helping us be less useless. Like Glue Records for putting out our demo tape in America. Tom Avon for recording us and Ajay for putting us on our first show.  46 Records and everyone in Irish hardcore for supporting us so much.
Broken Teeth, we played nearly all our shows with them and they're the one.
All of our friends for hating us. New projects to hate soon.
Catch you at the shows.



First off, thank you to everyone who came out to see us and Broken Teeth on our European tour, it was a great experience. We broke down two days before the end of the tour and got fucked over by our dickhead of a driver. Never trust a crusty.
More thanks to everyone that helped us out when we broke down, we would still be stuck at that service station in germany if it wasn't for your help.

Friday, 22 July 2011

European tour with Broken Teeth

Our first European tour starts a week today with our friends Broken Teeth.
The dates are:

29th July: Breakout Fest, Belgium!/event.php?eid=159904410724340 

30th July: BDHW show, Munster, Germany!/event.php?eid=167646969963174

31st July: Erlangen, Germany (with Abolition)!/event.php?eid=132129836866648

1st August: Bad Hersfeld, Germany (with Abolition)!/event.php?eid=184128291646183

2nd August: Hamburg, Germany!/event.php?eid=173047042758197

3rd August: Essen, Germany!/event.php?eid=204580579594855

We will have new shirts and copies of our 7" so please come help us out!

Sunday, 3 July 2011


LIKE GLUE RECORDS from the USA just did a repress of our demo tape with different (better) artwork etc. Go check it out at: NOW.

Such a cool label, siked they want to put us out.

There was also a Breakdown rip cover but that has sold out already.